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16 June 2015
All projects are suspended.

As you have probably noticed by the lack of updates, it seems unlikely that I will be able to continue Deadlock. I hate to do this so early on into a project (especially because I hate it when others do it), but I simply cannot find the time to set aside anymore. This blog will remain, sort of as an archive, but will likely not be updated again.

Thank you for all of your support and I hope to see you somewhere in the future.

5 January 2015 : Deadlock – Chapter 4
28 December 2014 : Deadlock – Chapter 3
27 September 2014 : Deadlock – Chapter 2
15 September 2014 : Deadlock – Prologue + Chapter 1


[Saki Aida] Deadlock – Chapter 4

Continued from Chapter 3.

After lunch, they went through a lock-up and roll call. When the cell doors were opened again, the block resumed its usual chatter. Countless voices, footsteps, music, and sounds from the television melded together into one familiar din that filled the whole building.

Yuto was washing his hands at the sink. While he was at it, he looked into the mirror and casually swept his hair back. His overgrown hair and beard were, admittedly, starting to look unattractive.

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[Saki Aida] Deadlock – Chapter 3

Continued from Chapter 2.

“I can think of one good thing that’s happened since getting into prison,” said Matthew, his face still puffy from sleep as they headed back to their cells after breakfast. Yuto asked him what it was.

“I got into the healthy habit of going to bed early and getting up bright and early in the morning. Not like we really get a choice, though.”

Yuto had to agree. After roll call at six-thirty in the morning, breakfast was served starting at seven. Lights went out at eleven o’clock at night. He doubted that even teenagers followed such a regular routine.

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[Saki Aida] Deadlock – Chapter 2

Continued from Chapter 1.

Micky invited the two of them to the cafeteria since it was almost five o’clock. All of the prisoners gathered in one place, which meant if you didn’t get there early, you were forced to wait in a wearisome long line. Once they reached the first floor, Micky called out to a man in the crowd.

“Hey, Nathan. Good timing. Let me introduce you to these guys. Yuto Lennix and Matthew Caine. They’re in Block A starting today. This here is my roommate, Nathan.”

“Nathan Clark. Pleased to meet you.” Nathan smiled warmly, holding a few books in the crook of one arm and holding out the other hand for a handshake. He was around thirty, with straight, shiny chestnut hair that drew the eye. He was tall and thin, but his broad shoulders kept him from looking scrawny. His narrow nose and thin lips made him look intelligent but also somewhat high-strung. Yet his gentle smile and natural, relaxed manner took the edge off that impression, leaving him with one of dignified acceptance.

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[Saki Aida] Deadlock – Prologue + Chapter 1

Footsteps approached.

Yuto strained his ears as he lay in the darkness. Amid the footsteps, he could make out the sound of metal clinking against metal. His heart leaped with expectation ― what if? ― but he sternly told himself not to get his hopes up. How many times had those footsteps brought him disappointment these past two weeks?

“Yuto Lennix. Wake up.” A sharp voice rang out in the cramped cell of the detention centre. Yuto opened his eyes and stared at the blank wall.

“I told you to wake up!” commanded the deputy sheriff in an irritable voice. Yuto slowly raised himself from his bed and turned his face toward the figure beyond the metal bars.

“Get over here and hold your hands out.”

Yuto did as he was told, went up to the metal bars, and held out his hands through the space in the middle. The deputy sheriff handcuffed him and opened the metal grate.

“The bus is leaving in an hour. Get your physical done and get changed.”

“Where am I going?” Yuto asked quietly.

“Schelger Prison,” replied the deputy sheriff, business-like. Yuto sighed in relief. He had been worried out of his mind about being transferred to the wrong prison due to some error.

“Tough luck. You’ll have to live with it,” said the deputy sheriff, apparently misinterpreting Yuto’s sigh. It was no wonder. No criminal would be glad to find out they were being transferred to a notorious maximum-security prison. But for Yuto, Schelger Prison was the one and only place that would save him.

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[Narise Konohara] Of Beauty / Watch -chapter 2-

This is a short story that comes in the booklet for the drama CD version of “Of Love”.


He had slept over at his lover’s house and had been planning to sleep in until noon that Saturday. But the sound of a cell phone ringtone caused the man in his arms, Yosuke Matsuoka, to squirm. Matsuoka snatched the cell phone from the bedside table.

“Yes, Matsuoka speaking.”

It felt cold when they broke contact, and Motofumi Hirosue pulled the warm bundle back into his arms. Matsuoka hunched his shoulders in a ticklish way.

“Shinozaki? What are you calling about so early in the morning?”

Although Matsuoka said “early”, it was already past ten. Hirosue could faintly hear the voice on the other end. Matsuoka’s body gradually tensed up at the speaker’s overwrought tone.

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[Narise Konohara] Of Beauty / Of Love – Part 3

Continued from Part 2.

Matsuoka spent Saturday and Sunday either sleeping or drinking. He got no phone calls from Hirosue, only four e-mails. He wanted to hear the man’s voice, but he couldn’t bear hearing or discovering any more lies, so he did not make any calls himself.

On Monday morning, Matsuoka had a dull ache in the base of his head. Perhaps the alcohol from the night before hadn’t quite left his system. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror and realized how pitiful he looked with his overgrown stubble, which had been left untouched since Saturday and Sunday. Matsuoka made a sweeping stroke with his razor, taking special care with the blade as he groomed the borders of his small goatee.

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[Narise Konohara] Of Beauty / Of Love – Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

Matsuoka was contacted by his former upperclassman, Rokushima, about midway through September. When Rokushima asked to see him on Saturday or Sunday during the daytime, Matsuoka turned him down, saying he had plans that he could not change. Rokushima then proposed a compromise to meet on Friday night. Hirosue was coming down on Friday night, but Matsuoka also felt guilty for turning Rokushima down so many times. He agreed to see the man for a little bit and told Hirosue to go on and wait for him at his apartment.

At seven in the evening, Rokushima arrived twenty minutes late to the Western-style pub near the station where they were scheduled to meet.

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[Narise Konohara] Of Beauty / Of Love – Part 1

Continued from Of Beauty Part 18.
This is a side story published as a mail-order booklet for buyers of Of Beauty volume 2 (Holly Novels edition).

Warning: More sex, sigh


Of Love

That day, Yosuke Matsuoka arrived at the office at twenty past nine in the morning. He had ten minutes until the senior management meeting started. Since he had not been able to attend the daily morning meeting, he had his subordinate, Shinozaki, brief him quickly before he beelined for the conference room.

This was just another regular scheduled meeting, and there was nothing to report this time from the sales department. Matsuoka half-listened to the usual routine of announcements as he ducked his head and yawned furtively from time to time, readjusting his seat. It was hard sitting straight.

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[Narise Konohara] Of Beauty – Part 18

(Of Tenderness – Part 9)
Continued from Part 17.

Warning: Sex

Hirosue bought Matsuoka’s ticket in the train car. Matsuoka had to go to work the next day, which meant as soon as he arrived at Hirosue’s station, he would have to promptly head back the way he came. He insisted that the ticket was a waste of money, but Hirosue didn’t mind as long as they could be together.

They sat side-by-side in their reserved seats. They barely spoke throughout the two-hour trip. Matsuoka stared out the window for the whole time. But just watching his profile, just knowing that he was beside him, made Hirosue feel like he was fulfilled.

Once they got off the bullet train, Matsuoka gazed inquisitively at his surroundings.

“I’ve never been around this area,” he said. Then, he perused the schedule for the train going back. Just seeing him do that made Hirosue’s chest ache. He wondered if Matsuoka was in a hurry to get home. Even though he knew the man had work the next day, Hirosue still wondered if he was the only one who wanted to spend time together.

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